Become an LSP Facilitator:
Your benefits
Become an LSP Facilitator: Your benefits

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) Facilitator Training & Certification

For more than 20 years, the LSP method has been transforming businesses around the world – sparking creativity, strengthening teams and generating solutions to complex challenges. Do you want to become an LSP facilitator and inspire teams? Then choosing the right training provider is crucial. Find out why training with a trainer from the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method is the right choice for you.

To LSP Mastery with the Association of Master Trainers

Original and authentic
The Association of Master Trainers is made up of a team of trainers selected from around the world according to the highest standards. The Association was founded by Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen, the developers of the method. Training with the Association of Master Trainers guarantees that you will learn the method in its most authentic form, as it was originally conceived.
Comprehensive facilitator training
The Association’s trainers provide not only a basic introduction to the Method, but also a deeper insight into its underlying principles, philosophies and applications. Over 4 days and a total of 40 hours, you will receive intensive training covering all aspects of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. This ensures that our participants leave the training with facilitator confidence and competence, ready for practical application.
Holistic and practical content

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator training offers a comprehensive training programme that includes both practical and theoretical aspects:

  • You will experience two full LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops.
  • You will be taught the core process and all seven application techniques.
  • You will learn how to develop and run your own workshops effectively.
  • You will gain a solid understanding of the science behind the method.

With this comprehensive training, you will be well prepared to apply your skills in a variety of professional settings.

Globally connected in the LSP community

Upon successful completion of the training, you will become part of a . This offers you the unique advantage of global networking. You can experience different cultural perspectives, expand your knowledge and be inspired by global trends and approaches. No matter where you are, you are never far from another member of the community, allowing for quick and diverse exchanges. This global reach not only increases your visibility and professional network, but also gives you access to a wide range of resources, expertise and experience.

Successful completion of the training opens up a world of opportunities. You will become part of a global Community of LSP Facilitators. Experience new cultural perspectives, expand your knowledge and be inspired by global trends. No matter where you are, a member of our community is always nearby – fast and intense exchange is always possible. The global community not only gives you greater visibility and expands your professional network, but also provides you with a rich treasure trove of resources, expertise and experience.

Always at your side
Through your facilitator training with the Association of Master Trainers and our community, you are never alone. You will always have the support of experienced trainers and colleagues. Whether through regular training, workshops or access to the network and direct contact with colleagues who are eager to share their expertise and experience with you.
Quality and recognition

A certificate from the Association of Master Trainers carries a high level of recognition in the business world. The Association is widely known and respected, and the certificate is often seen as the standard for training to become a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator.

Always up to date

Our world is constantly changing and so is the business world. The trainers of the Association of Master Trainers keep up to date with the latest trends and developments, ensuring that you work with the latest tools and knowledge.

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Facilitator Training at the highest level

There are many facilitator training programmes in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, but only the Association of Master Trainers teaches LSP in its purest, most authentic form. If you are looking for excellence and competent expertise, you have come to the right place. Our training is a step towards a successful professional future and offers a unique quality of education. Start your journey to becoming an LSP Facilitator now and discover the full potential of the method.

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