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Brickolution helps its clients in the industrial, service and social sectors to maximise the knowledge and experience of their employees. This in turn promotes the equal and enthusiastic development of new ideas for creative solutions.
We prove: We solve problems playfully!

Matthias Renner

“I help individuals and organizations enter into dialogue playfully and develop new ideas for creative solutions.”

From 2005 to 2017, I worked as an IT consultant, designing and implementing automated solutions for measuring business processes for international clients and companies worldwide. During this time, I also designed training programmes in German, English and French.

Since 2017, I have been helping clients in the IT, banking and insurance, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and public administration use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to make meetings & workshops successful and solve complex problems in a playful way. My enthusiasm for this powerful method is contagious.

As an IT professional, I’ve learned to approach tasks in an analytical and systematic way. As a certified mediator and trained coach, I’m used to active listening. I also bring a lot of empathy, sensitivity and the necessary tools to use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY effectively and purposefully. This enables my clients to maximise the knowledge and experience of their employees. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method I use ensures that everyone is equally and enthusiastically involved.

I’ve been proving this for years:
We solve problems playfully.


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