Do you know the difference

between “involved”

and “participating”?

Do you know the difference between “involved” and “participating”?

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY case studies – overview

What you can achieve with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

There is always something going on. Be it concrete, acute or long-term problems: Companies or employees are experts in their own right and therefore in demand as their own problem solvers. Creativity is important, because only those who break new ground leave the competitors behind.

The indispensable basis for creativity this is listening to each other without prejudice, where everyone has a voice and is heard and understood. This is the only way to learn from and to inspire each other.

Discover the impact of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY through case studies from corporations, medium-sized businesses, and start-ups.



as an HR instrument


as an HR instrument

as an HR instrument

Public sector / nursing services

Developing a joint management team after a merger

As a result of the merger of two senior residences, a joint management team consisting of employees from both houses was to be formed. The goal was to form “the best possible management team”.
With a merger, the resulting uncertainties and future fears among the employees and a “we and the” mentality, it is particularly difficult to stay on the factual level and not only work on the personal level.

In a 1-day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop, the participants first built their skills. They then worked out models of their decision-making culture that would help them become the best leadership team possible. The team checked the results in simulations.
Real transparency about the skills, perspectives and concerns of all participants had been created and mutual understanding could be achieved. The corner stone for leaving the “we and the” mentality behind, had been laid.

Various industries

Team-forming workshop

The members of a team should be brought together more closely. Self-motivation and the open exchange of ideas and opinions were to be promoted in a sustainable way and the social bonds between the individuals were to be strengthened.

The employees worked together in a 1-day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop. During this time they gained new insights about themselves and the other team members. The behaviour and working methods of the team were examined and readjusted. Through these insights and the open and positive atmosphere the collective potential of the team was unlocked.


as a leadership tool

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for leaders // LEGO SERIOUS PLAY case studies


as a leadership tool

as a leadership tool

Various industries

Kick-off project

An international consortium consisting of private companies and state service providers from various industries disagreed about their interests in one project. The perspectives on the delivery items were different, the first phase of the project had to be mastered within a short time. The different participants had different cultural backgrounds and hardly knew each other and work had to be started as soon as possible.

A half-day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop was conducted with a group of employees representing the individual companies. During this time, a mutual and a common understanding of the pilot project and a positive atmosphere were created. Short-term and long-term technical difficulties and possible obstacles during implementation were identified and prioritized. Individual participants with different interests have become a motivated team.

Global player / consumer goods industry

Identify requirements for an existing IT system

A global combine in the consumer goods industry was faced with the challenge of extending an existing IT system. Since the system has been used worldwide, it was important to consider the most diverse requirements for the system from the point of view of the different user groups in the different countries.

With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method, a team of six – from the manager to the working student – defined the complex requirements for the new system in this case. Due to the clarity of the requirements achieved in the workshop, it was possible to significantly accelerate the lengthy process within one day and to define the necessary system requirements.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for decision-makers // LEGO SERIOUS PLAY case studies


for decision-makers


for decision-makers

for decision-makers

International architecture firm

Change of ownership

The core activities like acquisition, project management, or company management were dominated by the former owners. Only by changing the existing culture, the company would gain a long-term opportunity in the market.

During a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop, the roles, competencies, and perspectives of the participants – new owners and managers – were examined and re-adjusted. The company was realigned with the collaboration of all participants and a common goal definition. As part of the workshop, teams were formed for the areas of design, technology, marketing and finance, which carried the changes within the company forward.

Scandinavian family business

Building a new production facility

A family-owned company from Scandinavia was faced with the challenge to build a new plant abroad. The aim was to identify the risks of the project, to look at the experience gained at the new location, to form the managers from both regions into a team and to develop a strategy for the members of the management team who were to oversee the new plant on site for the first few years.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop raised awareness of the project’s impact on the entire company, its employees and their families. This made it possible to identify new potential risks that were previously not recognizable.
During the workshop it became clear that the effects on the families of the expats were not considered. As a consequence, these effects were dealt with in a separate workshop with the families.

Web economy / start-up

Development of a business model

Start-ups in particular have difficulties initially to deal with their business model from different perspectives and to examine key areas in depth. As a result, they often miss important elements that are significant for the planning process.

Using the Business Model Canvas, the participants in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop define key fields such as focal points of their core activities, central resources, future customer segments, value propositions and their key partners. These aspects can then easily be transferred to the business plan.

Various industries

Strategy development

Even after several conventional strategy workshops, the company management had the impression that it had not fully grasped the economic environment of the company and was therefore unable to define a promising strategy. A strategy that helps to act in a targeted and coordinated manner in case of any unforeseen events in a complex and confusing world.

In a 2-day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop with 10 participants, the department modeled the company’s environment, sharpened the internal and external perspective on competitors, motivations, fears and many other factors. The influencing and dependency factors were identified and a strategy was determined that helped the company to operate even more successfully on the market in the following years.

Various industries

Definition of buyer personas

A precise specification of the different target groups is fundamental for successful email marketing. The proven approach of personas should be used as the basis for the target group definition.

In the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop, colleagues from marketing, sales, development and support worked together for one day and worked out all relevant aspects of the buyer personas during this time.
These were then used as the basis for the realignment of email marketing.

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