Hands-on Demo Workshop
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Hands-on Demo Workshop
Where ideas take shape

Your hands-on demo workshop for an introduction

Discover how small bricks can unleash big ideas: With the no-obligation introductory workshop, you’ll experience first-hand how LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can benefit your company and your team.

Take advantage of the trial offer and see the difference the right method can make.

What’s on you? Just the travel costs.
The workshop is a gift to you.

With bricks to the AHA moment

This is how a hands-on demo workshop with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY works:

In the workshop, you and your team dive into the world of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: You build with the world-famous bricks yourself. I come to your company or organisation to guide you through your first steps with the method. In the hands-on workshop you will experience what this method can achieve.

What do we need?

// 1-2 hours – 1 table – Quiet environment
// 4-6 people to play together
// I will bring the LEGO bricks

What does it cost?

Almost nothing:
// Only the cost of my travel to and back from you.
// My time is free of charge.

What are the benefits?

// Get to know LEGO SERIOUS PLAY without any risk
// Experience the potential of the method
// We can discuss possible use cases
// Practically no cost – it couldn’t be more affordable

Risks & side effects

// Every participant has a chance to speak, be heard and understood
// LEGO SERIOUS PLAY encourages honest and open communication
Curious to find out more?

Then this Meetup Group is for you!

Hands-On Demo Workshop // LEGO SERIOUS PLAY
// The Meetup Group is called LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Deutschland.
// We run free Meetups all over Germany.
// Maybe there’s a Meetup near you?

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