Innovative strategies

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Innovative strategies, brick by brick
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Strategy development with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

In an increasingly complex and dynamic world, the right strategy is the key to sustainable success. With our strategy workshops, you and your team can delve deep into the company’s vision and goals and discover innovative solutions. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method allows for an in-depth exploration of the challenges and opportunities ahead. A key element of our strategy workshops is the integration of participants’ diverse perspectives to develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategy.
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Your strategy workshop with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

Mastering challenges strategically

Every business faces unique challenges. Strategy workshops with LSP have proven to be effective across a wide range of topics:

// Business landscape
// Vision & Mission
// Mergers & acquisitions
// Scenario analysis
// Discovering patterns of behaviour
// Preparing for the unexpected
// Change Management
// 3D Canvas
// Business model canvas

This list covers some of the most common core topics. Of course, other strategic challenges can also be addressed with LSP. We have prepared additional case studies here.

Together, tangible, brilliant: Strategic success with LSP

Depending on the specific focus of the strategy workshop, participants will generally gain a deeper and more integrated understanding of their company’s strategic direction and challenges.

This promotes the ability to better assess opportunities and risks and to implement effective change. In addition, organisational agility and interdisciplinary communication are improved.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methode enables everyone to participate on an equal footing. Complex issues become tangible and understandable.

// Open communication: Everyone is equal and every voice counts.
// Simplifying complex issues: Through visual and tactile elements.
// Active participation: Everyone is part of the process and contributes to success.

Strategy Workshop with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

What improves after the workshop?

Depending on the focus of the strategy workshop, participants will gain a deeper and more holistic understanding of the strategic direction and challenges facing your organisation or team.

This increases the ability to assess opportunities and risks more effectively and to implement change. It also improves organisational agility and cross-functional communication.

What’s the recipe for success for your strategy workshop?

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Each workshop is individually designed and tailored to the needs of your team:

// Initial discussion: We define the objectives and challenges together.
// Workshop design, alignment, approval: Tailored to your objectives
// Workshop execution
// Documentation
// Debriefing 1 & 2: Reflection and follow-up

Ready to build a sustainable strategy?
Your business deserves a forward-looking strategic direction. Let’s work on it together and see how stumbling blocks can become building blocks for your success.


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