Everyone hates having a meeting? Improve them with a duck

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LEGO-Ente verändert Meetings // LEGO duck changes a meeting

Can you change a company with LEGO? No, probably not if you „just“ do something with LEGO. But if you use in a workshop or meeting with employees and managers the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method this is easily possible.
With LEGO SERIOUS PLAY we playfully raise potential, make grievances visible and work out sustainable solutions together.
Don’t you think so? Then read more in the interview that Peter Sieben and Sarah Janczura from VDI nachrichten did with me.
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Everyone hates having a meeting: How a duck can make them better

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a method used by facilitator Matthias Renner and his company Brickolution in group workshops for companies. The aim is for participants to solve complex problems in a playful way using Lego bricks. In the workshops, participants are given tasks, such as building a tower or an obstacle they encounter in their job. The building process allows for individual creativity and expression while working towards a common goal. 

The workshop starts with the task of building a duck out of only six Lego bricks, which makes it clear that each model is unique, just like each participant. The process of building with LEGO and sharing the story of the model helps people to remove the hierarchies that often exist in meetings so that all voices can be heard.

The seminar ends with a discussion about the different models built, leaving the interpretation of the models to the builders. The concept of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY offers a unique and fun way to address important workplace issues while encouraging teamwork and creativity.

Or read the article on the VDI nachrichten

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