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💥 BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 is the first 🇫🇷 French webinar on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method – or in short: BAM in French! In this webinar series, French-speaking facilitators present how they use the method.

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How it all began

Webinar series:💥BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 – 000

Have you ever thought that Lego bricks are more than just toys? Imagine using them as a tool to strengthen teams, develop innovative solutions and look at problems from a new perspective. All this is possible thanks to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Suggestions can be found in the project 💥BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 !

💥BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 shows the variety of industries and cultures that use this method in a webinar series. The aim is to promote the spread of this method in the Francophone region. Here, Francophone facilitators from a wide range of countries are invited to share their experiences and applications of the method. Each episode will feature a different guest who will give a short presentation and respond to questions from the audience.

This webinar series was founded by Laetitia Ramberti (French and Italian), Matthias Renner (German) and Nadia Benedetti (Italian). All three have completed their training as facilitators in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method at the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.

But what exactly is LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and how can it help you and your team? Imagine that you and your team could develop new solutions together, look at problems from a systemic perspective and create strategies by “simply” playing with LEGO bricks.

LEGO bricks can not only help you develop innovative solutions and improve teamwork, but also help you discover the potential and individual skills of your team members and improve relationships within the team.
Get inspired by 💥BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 and discover the incredible potential of LEGO bricks as a tool for teams and groups. Click on the video now, watch the first episode of 💥 BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 and experience for yourself how it all began.


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