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Susanne Busshart, author of the 🇩🇪 German book FREIRAUM: Warum inspirierende Arbeitsplätze Mitarbeiter glücklich und Unternehmen erfolgreich machen (Why inspiring workplaces make employees happy and companies successful) visited me at one of my Meetups, which I organise to raise awareness of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.

“Come and play LEGO SERIOUS PLAY with me!” (Susanne Busshard, New Work expert)

Susanne was a guest at the inno.hub at Frankfurt Airport with about 19 other people. In her experience report she explains:

what it means to “give shape to abstract concepts”.
what inspiration has to do with challenges
that it is important to “listen with your eyes”.

Susanne is one of THE experts on New Work and specifically on the topic of spaces. In her article, she reflects on what LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has to do with communication and storytelling, why the protected space that LEGO SERIOUS PLAY offers is important and – you guessed it – what the connection is between LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and spaces.

Perhaps you would like to attend one of my Meetups yourself? You can find my Meetup group at this link. Sign up and see when the next Meetup will take place near you. If you would like to host a Meetup at your premises, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

But most of all: read Susanne’s 🇩🇪 German experience report, it gives a nice insight into the method and makes you want to read more of your articles.

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