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… and then the phone rang… Speaking: Insa Schniedermeier, editor of the 🇩🇪 German magazine Business Punk. She was doing research for an article about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

Insa Schniedermeier was looking for information such as the number of trained facilitators in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method that existed in Germany, etc. 

Come along as a silent participant – a chance that normally never comes along – and observe this workshop in Berlin-Adlershof with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.

And you will see: Serious play is hard work, but it is worth it, because:
Everyone participates, everyone heard and understood.

The 🇩🇪 German article was published in issue 06/2020. The magazine is available via the Business Punk shop. You can find the article itself here below.

Leaders stacking blocks

The text describes a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop in which a group of employees of a management consultancy takes part. The aim of the workshop is to build the company vision for 2022 with the help of colourful Lego bricks. A facilitator leads the workshop and gives the participants different tasks.

The LEGO bricks are designed to help with creative and free thinking, solving complex problems and developing innovative ideas. The workshop starts with a warm-up exercise where participants build towers out of Lego bricks. The towers differ in their goals and characteristics, revealing that each participant has different ideas.

The text describes five key learning points.

  • First, sometimes you should just start and not worry about all the contingencies.
  • Secondly, be brave and accept that the result may not be perfect.
  • Thirdly, everyone should contribute their opinion because every voice counts.
  • Fourth, when problems are complex, it helps to visualise them by writing them down, drawing them or building them.
  • And finally, it is important to visualise things instead of just describing them because visual content is remembered longer.

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