Interesting Interview at The NextGen Enterprise Summit 2021 in Paris

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The NextGen Enterprise Summit // Interview // LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Matthias Renner

The NextGen Enterprise Summit took place in Paris-La Défense from 25-26 November 2021. During this event, there were contributions from artists, keynote speeches and workshops on various topics. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was one of them. After one of these workshops, I was interviewed on the following questions:

The NextGen Enterprise Summit 2021
Interview in Paris

The NextGen Enterprise: Does the playful dimension of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY allow to develop creativity and to eliminate constraints?

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitated method, were participants build LEGO models in response to questions posed by a facilitator. Hereyby a safe  environment is created, where everyone has a voice and can bring their own ideas, opinions, and emotions to the table. Building anwers to questions helps participants focus on solving complex problems and come up with creative solutions. The playful nature of this method allows participants to forget about constraints of reality and freely test different solutions. This leads to increased creativity and the elimination of barriers. The facilitator ensures that everyone is involved, creating a collaborative environment for problem-solving. Overall, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY allows individuals to tap into their imagination and develop their creative thinking skills.

Do we really find solutions to complex problems?

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a method used to solve complex problems. The goal of it, is to bring together different perspectives and opinions from all participants in order to develop a shared solution. The non-judgmental nature of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY allows for open discussion and collaboration among all participants. The mtehod was originally developed in the late 90s at LEGO as a real-time strategy workshop for enterprises. Amongst others, LEGO used it to change their business practices and improve their financial situation. The more complex the problem, the more suitable it is for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Overall, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a highly effective tool for solving complex problems and encourages collaboration and creativity.

Can LEGO SERIOUS PLAY be used in the context of strong growth? Do you have an example to share?
In short: Yes. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a tool used to find solutions to complex problems and has been proven to be effective even in the context of strong growth. An example of its use was in a workshop last summer, where a company CEO and senior vice presidents were trying to figure out how to change the structure of the company in order to grow from 170-180 employees to 600-800 employees within the following year.

The participants used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to analyze the company’s current structure and find out what values, distinct characteristics, beliefs and other factors were necessary for the future. They then simulated various events to find out what could influence the future and played for 1 1/2 days, resulting in the development of five initiatives aimed at reaching the desired future. The use of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY allows participants to literally see their future, resulting in a desire to make it a reality.

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