💥 BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 – Episode 005 – Guest: Raymon El Khoury

by May 15, 2021English, Video French

💥 BAM – Briques Autour du Monde 🌍 is the first 🇫🇷 French webinar about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

In recent years, more and more people are fleeing their familiar surroundings to other regions or other countries. The reasons are manifold; climate change and wars are at the top of the list. Raymond El Khoury from Beirut uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in his work with refugees from Syria. He enables the participants to find a way out of their situation in order to give them a better future.

Furthermore, we have a short summary of the skills building and the first three application techniques AT1 – AT3 in the webinar.

Brickolution - Matthias Renner

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